Parent Bootcamp in Port Talbot

Three mums from Port Talbot attended our Parent Employability course, which started 16 weeks ago.  All three mums had different circumstances.  We started with working on confidence building and looking at their transferable skills, which they all had from being a lone parent.  We then looked at the type of work areas and jobs the ladies would like to work in. We identified some vacancies that all three wanted to apply for, the biggest hurdle was the time out of work for each of them. After a couple of weeks all three had a CV they were happy to present to prospective employers and we started to apply for suitable job roles.  We worked on cover letters, speculative letters, interview techniques and practiced interview questions to help them when they get to an interview stage.

Unfortunately, one of the lady’s circumstances changed when her Mum needed a carer, so she asked me at the start of September if I could help her with her application for Carers Allowance.  She asked me if we could do a “better off calculation” to see roughly how this would affect her finances.  Rebecca knew she needed to proceed to apply for the Carer’s Allowance to help her mother.  She will continue to look for part time work to fit in around the needs of her mum and she knows she can come back to us in the future if she needs additional advice and guidance.  We had very good feedback from Rebecca and she leaves us much happier than when she started and that’s what we all strive to achieve.

Stephen Booth, Employability Officer

This programme is funded by Welsh Government Communities for Work and the European Social Fund.

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