Information, Advice and Guidance


Our support is designed to help service users make an informed decision about how to improve job prospects or skills, obtain a qualification or just make the most out of a current job.

What we offer

We can provide free information, advice and guidance on a wide range of training courses and programmes including apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, learning, family relationship support and youth support.

Our objective is to provide you with:

  • information about programmes available to you;
  • advice about their suitability to your needs;
  • guidance on education and training, jobs and career development to enable you to make informed choices about your future.

We provide:

  • a free, impartial and confidential initial consultation from an experienced member of staff.
  • a service to both service users and prospective service users. The service can be delivered face to face, by telephone or e-mail enquiry.
  • information and advice on support services available to assist service users on their programme, information and advice on local and national learning opportunities, sources of external support, and progression routes into employment and further and higher education.
  • regular opportunities to make an appointment for an IAG session and ensure that the session takes place within 15 days from request.
  • written confirmation of the outcomes of the IAG session.
  • referral, where relevant, to other appropriate agencies and providers.
  • opportunities to have further IAG sessions if required.

What service users can expect from us

Our service is delivered in accordance with the principles of the nationally recognised matrix quality standard ( and as such service users can expect a service that is:

  • Professional and knowledgeable
  • Confidential
  • Impartial
  • Open and transparent
  • Accessible and visible
  • Committed to equality and diversity
  • Responsive to the present and future needs of the individual

What we expect from service users

  • Service users attend appointments on time.
  • Service users treat premises and members of staff with politeness and respect.
  • Service users deal patiently with requests to wait for information.

How service users can help us to improve the service

  • Complete a service user survey about your experience.

How we can act on a service user’s behalf

We can:

  • speak on a service user’s behalf to learning and training providers.
  • with the service user’s permission, refer the individual to another agency that might be better able to respond to the individual’s needs and circumstances.

How to contact us

Our Centres are open from 9.00am – 4:30pm

General Enquiries: Please call 01792 814708 or 01273 281981, or e-mail [email protected]

You can downloaded a copy of our IAG Policy


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