If you are looking to retrain, upskill or find support into employment, take a look at the fully funded programmes and skills courses that could be available to you.

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Support the professional development of your staff and upskill your employees! We are delighted to be able to provide fully-funded training and bespoke programmes for your employees.

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Who we are

Whitehead-Ross Education and Consulting (WREC) is an education and social welfare organisation. Founded in 2012, we deliver a variety of high-quality skills-related programmes and social services provision.

Our programmes include support for unemployed individuals to retrain and secure jobs, vocational training programmes, adult education and social services provision.

With a team of 73 staff, we supported 1115 individuals across our programmes in 2020/21 in South Wales, Dorset, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Hereford, Worcester, Hull, Swindon and Sussex.

Our existing clients include local authorities, the Department for Work and Pensions, and Education & Skills Funding Agency.

“I have found WREC staff to be extremely professional, efficient, and approachable. The referral process was straightforward and quick. I have always received all documentation for proof of courses results in good time. I will be continuing to use WREC and would definitely recommend the company”

Emma Evans, Employment Training and Education Coach, Cornwall.

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