Fully Funded Certificate in English Skills Level 1 and 2



Our aim is to provide you with information, advice and impartial guidance to enable you to maximise the opportunities available through our programmes and to enable you to fulfil your full potential.


This policy outlines our ‘direction of travel’ with regards to:


  1. the provision of information advice and guidance
  2. identify your needs and support needs
  3. ensure that you are appropriately placed on provision
  4. optimise your participation, retention and achievement
  5. ensure that the appropriate areas of WREC policies including safeguarding are considered and acted upon


Our objective is:


  1. To provide impartial information, advice and impartial guidance that enables individuals to make realistic and informed decisions about their choice of programme.

2. To make available comprehensive and accurate information about our programmes, including entry criteria, qualification aims, programme requirements, progression routes and assessment methods.

3. To treat you with courtesy and respect and maintain confidentiality where appropriate.

4. To make reasonable adjustments to facilitate access to programmes for people with learning difficulties and              disabilities, but to ensure that if WREC is not able to provide the resources to meet the needs of a learner then              that individual will be advised on how else to proceed or be referred to alternative provision.

To read our full policy: IAG Policy 2020-21

Our IAG Booklets for England and Wales are attached here:

IAG Booklet – England UPDATED

IAG Booklet – Wales UPDATED