This is Edward Tizard Varcoe’s story on attending the Employability Support Programme at Whitehead-Ross Education in his words.

“I started at Whitehead Ross at the end of September 2017, at the start of the programme we were given a talk from Ian Ross about starting up a business and becoming self-employed.

I had an idea for a business a few years ago but was never very confident when it came to the set-up. I spoke to Steve Booth my Employability Tutor and explained my idea and he immediately started putting things in place for me and encouraged me to start the ball rolling!!!

I then had meetings with Business Sense Associates to discuss my business idea and they helped me build a business plan and this was completed on the 15th February 2018 and my official trade date starts on the 3rd March 2018.

I will be getting the New Enterprise Allowance which will help to support the early stages of the business start up by paying the same rate as JSA on a weekly basis for the next 6 months. I will need to attend regular meeting at the business centre, Llansamlet, every 6 to 8 weeks, to help with any problems and give me ongoing support.

The business name is “Attend Me Forever” which is a business that offers a variety of grave maintenance, memorial and bench cleaning and upkeep services, such as cleaning, flower laying and replacement services. There are services at different levels and costs depending on the customer’s requirements and needs.

In the group sessions we designed my Website and Facebook sites and with Steve we produced some photography images for the site with the help Of Jonathan who provided his hands for modelling in the shoot and Charlene for organising the image props and Antony who assisted in the photo shoot for Steve to take the photos, a big thanks to them all.

I have to admit if it wasn’t for the support I have had in the Whitehead-Ross Employability course with Steve and his ongoing help and motivation and encouragement I would never have got to this stage and may not have even started the business.

So I would like to give a massive “thank you” to Steve and Whitehead-Ross for being such a friendly and helpful resource.”

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Ed’s Story – Employability Support Programme