January is well known for being a time when there’s a lot of movement in the job market. Many  New Year’s resolutions include stepping up  job searches or for those already in work, looking for the next step up or a career change.

Aside from relevant work experience, research shows that employers look for a number of key qualities from applicants – good interpersonal and communication skills, resilience, ability to self-manage and a willingness to learn are among the top attributes.

The particular skill sets needed obviously vary from job to job but there is a consistent theme across the board when looking at recruitment sites in the UK. Applicants need to have up to date skills – and the more commitment potential employees can show to learning and development, the better.

At Whitehead Ross, many of our recent learners said that their subsequent path into employment has definitely been helped by the fact that they have continued to update their skills by self-enrolment on courses. The most popular courses at present in our Brighton office include the Social Media for business course (so many businesses just don’t know how to tackle the minefield which is social media) as well as First Aid in the workplace.

To give yourself a headstart in your job search or to take your skills to the next level, check out all of our funded training courses here





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