A PILOT programme has been launched to support hundreds of parents in conflict in Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth.
Two parenting support workers will improve the life chances of children in the county as part of a £39million DWP-funded pilot.
The Dorset project, delivered by Whitehead-Ross Education and Consulting, will see parents helped to resolve conflicts where they could be damaging to children, whether parents are together or separated.
The firm is delivering the Reducing Parental Conflict programme for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from April, with partner organisations delivering in Plymouth, Torbay, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire. The partnership is being led by Twin Training International.

Ian Ross, MD of Whitehead-Ross, said: “Parental conflict places children at risk of poor social, emotional and educational outcomes.
“We will be focusing on proven interventions to reduce parental conflict, improve child outcomes and potential to avoid need for expensive services later down the line.”
Research has shown 28 per cent of all children living in workless couple-parent families (who make up five per cent of all children), live with parents who report having a distressed relationship.

Distressed relationships are almost three times as prevalent compared with where both parents are working.
The DWP is spending £39million over the next two years on the project, which will produce reports on interventions that work to help guide future schemes.
Whitehead-Ross will support 200 parents over two years in Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth.
The workers will work in partnership with referrers to gain a better understanding of the parents and their needs.
There will be sessions to help parents with issues surrounding divorce and how to support their children to cope with the situa-tion. They will also be taught assertive communication and ways to navigate new challenges such as new relationships and accessing social support.
The DWP estimate about 300,000 UK families could benefit from this sort of support.
For further information contact Ian Ross on 07730 550607 or ian.ross@wrecltd.co.uk


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Whitehead Ross in Dorset to deliver the Reducing Parental Conflict programme for DWP