Social Media for business course in Brighton

These are unsettling and unprecedented times. Covid-19 is having devasting effects on our health system, economy, business infrastructure and our way of life.

In these extraordinary times online communications and working practices have come of age. Companies with a strong online presence and digital strategy have shown how agile they can be – maintaining dialogues with their online audiences and adapting their product offerings or service delivery where possible. Small businesses have appealed to their loyal customers to stick with them through the crisis.

Similarly, businesses of all types have managed to mobilise their workforce to work remotely whilst still serving customer needs and communicating virtually as a team.

In some ways these agile working practices may well last longer than the current crisis as businesses see the benefit and the capacity for flexible, home- based working and the ever advancing technology which supports it.

However uncertain things seem at the moment, the benefits of having a sound digital strategy to underpin your business are clear. Taking advantage of (potentially) having more time to reflect on your business and improve your online skills can only be a good thing. Although at times much maligned, digital media ( and especially social media) cannot be shut down by this deadly virus and can help you continue serving your customers and even attract new ones. It’s power has never been greater than it is right now.

Funding is protected and still in place for businesses and individuals to take advantage of fully funded digital marketing training. Accredited courses run by professionals via online learning portals with tutorial support. These courses are completely free if you meet certain eligibility criteria ( there’s no catch – the funding is there it just needs to be claimed).

At Whitehead Ross we can currently offer the following courses:

Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business (Level 3 City and Guilds) – available for businesses in the Solent LEP

Social Media for Business – available for individuals in Brighton.


See the individual pages for further details or contact us on 07909 515907 or email to find out more details and enrol today.

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Make your digital strategy work in uncertain times.