Why bother? I hear you cry. Well gaining a qualification has many benefits to you both in terms of your health and your future.
Your health!? Yep that’s right. Especially at this time when we are all being forced into a situation of staying home it can have a negative impact on your mental health. It can increase feelings of isolation, anxiety, stress and loneliness.
A recent poll carried out by Kaiser Family Foundation reported that 45% of us had seen an increase in mental health issues since the lockdown began. This increase could be due to financial worries if you have lost your job, worries about the economy in the long term, worries over loved ones we can’t see or who are ill.
So how can gaining a qualification help?
There are several positive things that studying at this time can bring to your mental health:
• Decrease the sense of isolation. As part of your course you will have regular contact and online meetings with your tutor. Some courses may have forums where you can join other students discussing topics related to the course, your assignments, or just what you had for breakfast!
• Shift your focus. Mental health specialists recognise that watching the Covid news & following social networking feeds can become obsessive and all consuming. When you study you will shift focus away from the news. The result is that you won’t be constantly waiting for the next breaking of bad news but focusing on self-improvement.
• Topic of conversation. Lets be realistic – if we are in the house 24/7 what do we have to talk about? Rehashing the news stories? Last night’s TV? If you are studying you can be chatting about your progress, discussing areas which you want to talk though with someone else, get their ideas and input.
• Future prospects. This one is always true of gaining qualifications – it can make you more employable. The link with your mental health is that if you are worried because you have lost your job then gaining a qualification might give you the edge when job hunting. If nothing else, it demonstrates that you are a person looking forward and not satisfied standing still. Gaining belief that you are employable is half the battle, a positive attitude is more likely to be rewarded.
Here at WREC we have experience of delivering a range of courses at different levels to people just like you.
So if you want to turn your lockdown into a time to invest in your future – contact us and see where that future may take you.

Visit Funded training courses , email us on workforceskills@wrecltd.co.uk or call 01273 281981 for further details.

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Improve your mental health – gain a qualification