Children all over the country have just had their lives turned upside down. Parents becoming teachers, unable to visit and see their families and friends, they are not allowed in the parks or allowed out for more than an hour and not allowed to go to school.
You may find that some of your children are staring to exhibit new behaviours for instance:
• not sleeping at night,
• wanting a light on or a teddy at bedtime, which they may not have wanted for a long time.
• being quiet
• angry
• defiant
• avoidance.
This is because they are anxious and worried about what they have heard, on the news, from the internet, and family.

So, think about what they have heard, from their point of view –
“Thousands of people are dying”
“You must keep 2 metres apart from everyone that is not in your house.”
“Old people and vulnerable people are at risk”
“Your mum and dads, nans, grandads, brothers, sisters are at risk.”
As a parent we’ve learnt to shield  children from bad news as much as possible but also be open and frank with them. We may think that turning off the news, keeping them active with schoolwork is helping, of course it is, but they are also reading you!

Talk to your children and if you are unsure on how to explain all this to children, how much is too much information, and have you given them enough information then here are some useful links that will help you answer the questions.

How to Talk to Children about COVID-19

Good luck and stay safe!


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How to talk to children about Corona Virus