I would like to introduce you to Sharon, one of our learners that has just completed the Child Workforce Taster Course in Swindon.
Sharon tell us a little about yourself:
I am a mum of 3 daughters, my eldest is 27 and my youngest is 9.
I also have 2 granddaughters age 4 and 6.
I have lived in the same village all my life and have been with my partner for 36 years.
What are your career goals?
I would like to work with small children, in a primary school as a teaching assistant.
What have you achieved towards your goals so far?
I have been to college to study English and maths functional skills and I have also attended a 3-day childcare course. I also volunteer at my daughters’ school when they need parents to go on trips.

What made you apply for the Child Workforce Taster Course with Whitehead Ross Education and Consulting?
On the childcare course at college we looked at progression and I saw this course being advertised so I phoned up and joined the course.
What did you enjoy and learn whilst you were on the course?
I enjoyed the structure. We learnt about different Acts of Law in education, why children have circle time and I made a game to play with my daughter, which showed how different areas of development link together.
What are you doing now?
I have progressed on to Support Work in Schools’ Level 2 with Whitehead Ross Education and consulting.
What are you hoping to learn whilst you are on this course?
I am willing to learn everything, but especially how to help children learn and be themselves.

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Case Study: Childcare and Support Work in Schools courses