Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise. Business owners especially are struggling to know how they should continue to market themselves during this time of crisis.

Not saying anything to your audience doesn’t seem like the right thing to do – especially when you consider that people have taken to social media and online platforms more than ever – initial reports suggest that facebook usage has increased by a massive 47% since the start of lockdown. As people search for news, entertainment and communication tools they’ve also been trying new platforms which previously they haven’t had time for. Snapchat and tiktok have also seen huge rises in the number of users accessing content.

But how then do you market to audiences who, like you, face uncertainty and possible financial hardship?

  •  It’s all about empathy – it sounds obvious but marketing sensitively to your target audience is key. Don’t go for the hard sell – focus on engagement, building conversations and developing your brand. Example: have used some great strategies – including using their CEO and founder to get more involved and adding a real personal touch.  Head to their channels and have a look.
  •  Try new things – be it a new channel that you haven’t had time to invest in or different content types, now is the time, with a captive audience, to be brave. Youtube is the fastest growing platform so maybe expanding to video content could be good for you? Podcasts are also increasing in popularity – and you can now do it on your phone or ipad – see some great tips here:
  •  Diversify – businesses who can show how they have modified their product /service delivery or working practices during lockdown show themselves to be agile and responsive to customer needs and willing to embrace technology. Better still, if you can show that your strategy can also help or send money to causes most in need at the moment, your audiences will be impressed. Lots of companies have opened up additional functionality for free – Example: audible  or zoom

So, whatever your strategy, stay connected and stay present. We’re all in this together.


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Social media strategies in a pandemic