The Foster in Dorset team have been chatting online with looked after children and their carers to create a library of experiences for others who maybe interested in fostering to look at. This is the first one.  Isla, aged 11, been living her foster family for nearly 2 years and this is through her eyes.


Through the eyes of a child – Chocolate and cauliflower!

“I’m loving life” says Isla, aged 11.  “Mummy and Daddy feed me chocolate and cream eggs” she laughs!

Mummy and Daddy are Isla’s Foster Carers who she arrived to live with just 2 years ago.

Still giggling, she says “I’m the best thing that happened to them and they wouldn’t be without me now”

How did you feel when you heard you had a Foster family ready for you?

“I was anxious and excited when I heard I was going to meet them and move in with them.  I had been living at my step Auntie’s for a long time and I didn’t know if I had any choice. To me then they were just ‘those people’ who I would just need to deal with until I was old enough to live on my own but then I met them, and I could tell they were very loving.”

Did you have to get used to new routines?

“I got to spend an afternoon and then one night with them before I moved in.  It took a little while to settle in because there were lots of new experiences I hadn’t had before like screen time rules! I had to try lots of new foods and dinners too, but I now love cauliflower, mushrooms and fondue.  It was also weird having set bedtimes.”

“I also moved to a new school which I was happy about because it gave me a fresh start and I think I have got more confident. I was too worried at my old school because people knew I was there, and I felt uncomfortable”.

Do you feel like you are part of the family now?

“YES! I now have a brother and sister and they are like my family. I help with jobs around the house too.  I empty the dishwasher and clean the bathroom. And I was able to choose how my bedroom was decorated and I chose pink.”

What’s your favourite day of the week?

“Hmm I like Friday because it’s cinema night and I help choose the film.  Daddy has HUGE collection of DVDs and we all like to help pick a film.  And I like Saturdays too because I can stay up later, watch TV and be lazy!”

What are your top tips for other Foster Carers?

She laughs “ Lots of chocolate of course!  But also, be careful with a child’s feelings.  It’s a lot to take on in one go so step by step changes is the best way”

Fostering Experience