Malaga Moments and Memories!

Anna is one of our Newquay learners and recently took part in our 2 week, Malaga, work experience programme!

Here she reflects on the opportunity –

“The Malaga work placement was an unbelievable experience not only because everything was paid for; but because it took me out of my comfort zone thus cultivating character growth, independence, and a wider perspective. This trip was the first time I’d travelled alone to another country, that’s why I was so thankful for the Whitehead Ross team, they made the whole process as simple as possible, they guided me through each stage of the application and continued to support me throughout the trip.

I did my work experience in a local school, the teachers were all so accommodating and as a student studying Spanish, working in a school gave me a raw experience of the language. I think the fact that this trip is more than simply a holiday gives you the most authentic version of the country as you find yourself mixed up in the hustle and bustle of the locals, who, by the way, were all much friendlier than people I’ve met on the bus in England.

However, perhaps my favourite aspect of the trip was the accommodation. We were sharing the flat with other students – two from France and one from Germany, we all quickly became the closest friends. There is something about living with new people and travelling alone that brings people together regardless of where you are from.

Therefore, without a doubt I would recommend this trip to any student, no matter your interests, or where you’re from, whether you go alone or with a friend, this trip will inevitably be a total blast!”

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