New Business is on the agenda in Dorset

London, New York, Paris and Munich? Old news. Bring on Blandford, Bridport and Portland as the new pop music, because with 3 NEW Business Start Up courses who knows what innovative and exciting enterprises are cooking in the Dorset classrooms!

We currently have 15 learners enrolled and working hard on a course that gives them a taste of what they need to start up by themselves.

For some, it may be the first step – an important one, and for others who have begun their journey it could be that vital next stage to reach their destination.

Everyone has a story – and lockdown has been a big contributor to these narratives.  For one learner it led to an unexpected life-change in employment.  After 30 years-experience in accounting and administration, Sue from Shaftesbury was unfortunately made redundant from the company she had been employed with for the past 10 years, due to the COVID19 situation.

Sue had never even considered starting up by herself; like many people, just the thought of having your own business or being self-employed can feel over-whelming and out of reach, particularly when you are in a tough situation or uncertain about the future.

It takes courage to try something different, but that is exactly what Sue is doing, despite her personal challenges.  With just one week to go, Sue is well on her way to completing the course, and although it has been a steep learning curve, with the support of her tutor and self-motivation, Sue is enjoying the new experience, and in the spirit of Ralph Waldo Emmerson: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”.

To find out more about our FREE business start-up course as well as other classroom based courses being held in locations throughout Dorset, please contact Tanya Bailey on 07776 960 019 or email