The WREC Podcast – All Episodes and latest, Episode 11 Released – March 2024

RELEASED March 2024 – Episode 11

Have you ever had, what seems like, a crazy idea?   That’s what happened for Hayley.

But how many of us see it through? Hayley did! 

From scratch she researched, fundraised, made connections, gained qualifications, had high days and lows, she persevered and Child in the Wild Forest School was born!

Almost 12 months in, Hayley joins us to reflect on her journey and recognise the people who have supported her along the way!


Find out more about the Support Work in Schools course that Hayley did with us plus other courses that might start your future career journey here


We are so lucky to have Maryna as one of our adult education tutors here at WREC.  She came to us with a strong teaching and business background from Ukraine where she thought she would be spending her life with her husband and young son.

Life has been turned upside down for her and her family but Maryna remains positive and has found her way and establishing a new life in the UK and LOVING what she is doing.  She loves supporting her learners, seeing them progress and grow in confidence and she celebrates every achievement with them.

What will you get from this podcast?  Enthusiasm, to not be afraid of change, to grab opportunities, to remain positive and hang on to your beliefs.






This episode, our first recording for 2023, is very different to previous episodes.  Jo, our Engagement Manager, is chatting with her daughter, Amy, while she is in Australia!

The conversation touches on;
School life
University not being the only option
Pushing through times of anxiety and finding positive outcomes
*Suicide and Mental Health
Dealing with other people’s opinions of you
Travel and working abroad

Well worth a listen to hear how life throws it’s challenges but having a ‘trust in the process of life’ and a future vision, can help you through difficult times.

*WARNING – suicide and it’s impact on those left behind is discussed which some listeners may find upsetting.





RELEASED JANUARY 2023 – Episode 8

Our favourite episodes are the ones that feature our learners!

Meet Paddy & Logan.

They met through our Compass programme in our Newquay centre, have become great friends and are supporting each other to succeed and recognise their skills and talents!  Logan is an accomplished, rated BMX rider and Paddy has amazing art and creative skills.  Six months ago, they admit, they would not have had the confidence to talk on a podcast!  Well listen to them today!  They are confident, grounded, realistic and ambitious about what they can achieve now and their hopes for the future.

Definitely another inspiring listen!




Released November 2022. – Episode 7

Cameron has been attending our Traineeship programme in Brighton.  He puts a smile on everyone’s face whenever he is in and keeps everyone on their toes when he involves them in his  ‘live’  TV presenting!

With This Morning and Countdown being his favourite programmes, Cameron enjoys his day through his virtual TV studio life.  He has also memorised the Brighton bus routes and created his own YouTube channel ‘Cameron’s World of Vlogs’.

A light-hearted, fun episode where Cameron has even recorded his own intro and chosen the theme music! (‘This Morning’ theme music of course!)


RELEASED OCTOBER 2022 – Episode 6

To anyone meeting him, James is a confident, driven, happy young man BUT when he has a bad day, he REALLY has a bad day!  Over time, through developing self awareness, maturity and a desire to be better, at the age of 20, James is able to push through his mental health barriers on a daily basis!  He doesn’t claim it’s easy but he recognises that it is SO worth it.  By training as a PT and helping people with physical health, he wants to use this as a route to help others fight their own internal battles.

James now has clear vision for the future and, as he completes his Traineeship programme, we wish him every success for the future.

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RELEASED AUGUST 2022 – Episode 5 – don’t let learning difficulties rule your life!

Huge thank you to Chris for volunteering to talk to us about his school life struggles and experience, and now at age 34, how he is finding adulthood.  Total inspiration right here!

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RELEASED JULY 2022 – Our first episode featuring one of our own learners!

Olly completed our Traineeship programme and has moved into full time employment as a result.  In this episode he talks about how he didn’t engage or achieve at school, struggled with his mental health but found an inner strength and desire to succeed!

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Released June 2022 – Episode 3 features Gail and Carina, Parent Support Workers with our Reducing Parental Conflict programme.

Here they talk about the 100s of families they have impacted but also their journey into this fascinating and rewarding work.

Lots of knowledge gems in this episode about career paths and opportunities.

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RELEASED 10th MAY 2022 – as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 – In our 2nd episode,  Jo talks to Marie-Clare, Training Manager from Dorset Mind.  Marie-Clare talks about the organisation’s mission to raise awareness, educate the community and challenge the stigma around mental illness.

From her own journey through education, a period of being homeless and following ‘non-traditional’ pathways from the age of 15, Marie-Clare brings a human, personal aspect to why her work and the vision of Dorset Mind is so important.

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In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, our new podcast has launched.  Episode 1 features, Managing Director, Ian Ross.

In this first full episode, in recognition of the 10th anniversary, Ian Ross, Managing Director, Whitehead-Ross Education and Consulting (WREC) talks about starting the business as a side hustle in 2012, not knowing how big the organisation would grow over the 10 years that followed.  Now employing 85 staff and with 10 centres across the UK, Ian reflects on his 10 year journey and plans for the future.

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