Traineeship Success – James, Weymouth

From Universal Credits to ‘Community of Fitness’ Aspirations.

James came to our Traineeship from a job centre referral.  He had been on universal credit since lockdown as he found finding employment difficult due to the pandemic.  He left school without any English or maths qualifications but had a passion for fitness and wellbeing.

He had an initial meeting with tutors, Grant and Tony, and was interested in the offer of functional skills as well as Level 1 English and Maths.  James commenced the Traineeship at the beginning of July 2022.  He found that the relaxed environment meant he could really get his head down and get stuck in.  James enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to many staff and other Trainees and improve his communication skills.

James says the most challenging part of the Traineeship for him was learning how to communicate with people, as well as positive problem solving, as he feels he struggled with this but has since improved his skills during his time with us. His favourite part of the Traineeship has been the work experience portion, having had two placements.  James is thoroughly enjoying developing professional skills to carry onto his future career.  He has been so successful in his placement, the company have offered him a job when he finishes his Traineeship, which we are very proud of him for achieving.  James has now achieved his level 1 Functional Skills, English and Maths as well as being almost complete with his Digital Skills

James aspires to be a personal trainer and has a long-time goal to create his own personal training and nutrition management company. He is passionate about recovering the fitness and related mental health of those affected by the pandemic by creating a ‘community of fitness’.  He is taking his first steps towards this goal by completing a personal training course which starts in January.

Traineeship tutor Tony, who has worked with James throughout the Traineeship, has said that ‘James has always come across as determined to reach his goals with a will to learn, which is why he has achieved what he has through the traineeship, and we are very proud of him’

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