Support Work in Schools City & Guilds Level 2

We are offering vocational taster courses in Yeovil, funded by our ESF Community Grant.
The 4-day vocational taster courses cover employment opportunities in childcare and as a classroom assistant. The courses will cover the basic core knowledge such as child development and how children learn, an introduction to key legislation, types of job roles and entry requirements, and an opportunity to brush up on basic literacy and numeracy skills.
Our tutor will complete a 1-2-1 session with each learning prior to commencing the course, providing high quality impartial information, advice and guidance to ensure that each individual is aware of the course content and the options available to them.
The courses will involve interactive workshops, such as Tutor-led presentations and discussions, video clips, games, quizzes, research activities and individual work to help each individual understand the career opportunities available and to self-assess their suitability.
For more information please contact: Suzy on 0739 2080312 /

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Child Workforce Taster Courses

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