WREC is committed to employ staff who are in the Reserve Forces (Maritime Reserve, Army Reserve and RAF Reserve) and who may be subject to call up and mobilisation to areas of conflict. WREC has actively demonstrated their commitment to the Armed Forces by pledging their support and signing the Armed Forces Covenant. WREC recognises the vital role of the Reserved Forces and the valuable contribution that Reservists make to our Defence, their communities and the civilian workplace.

These staff require regular time off for training to maintain their skills and readiness for deployment. The training undertaken by reservists enables them to develop skills and abilities that can be of benefit to them as employees, and to the employer in terms of service delivery

There are clear advantages to WREC, its staff and the Armed Forces through staff contributing to the armed services as reservists. There are benefits which accrue to WREC, its staff and the hosts and recipients of volunteering at home and overseas.

The average Reservist receives approximately £8,000 of training per annum in skills such as communications, IT and LGV licences. Therefore the more Reservists WREC employs, the more we can benefit from these transferrable qualities. Exposure to Reserve Forces also develops core values including teamwork, leadership and the ability to improvise in unfamiliar of difficult circumstances.

To see a full copy of our Armed Forces Covenant Pledge, please click below:

Armed Forces Covenant – Our Pledge

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Defence Employer Recognition Scheme – Bronze Award